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We've just launched the revolutionary new BlancOne teeth whitening system. In just 10 minutes the BlancOne system can make a difference, and it's gentle on your teeth. Here are some reasons to come in and try it out:
  • BlancOne whitening treatment - fast, effective, gentle with your enamel
  • The energy of our light and photosensitive accelerators act a speed impossible to attain by traditional whitening treatments
  • In a few minutes BlancOne treatments release singlet oxygen, the most effective, safe and easy tooth whitening treatment
  • New technology allows a significant reduction in time and concentrations
  • Ensures a safe, effective and easy tooth whitening treatment
  • There is no damage to enamel and minimal sensitivity
  • No specific diet is required after the treatment
  • Brighter teeth in just 10 minutes to try in a fast and convenient way, the difference a brighter and whiter smile makes
  • Available at a reasonable price which means it can be repeated at your regular Oral Hygiene sessions
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Family dentist in the heart of Sandton

Dr. Peter H. Timcke runs a family dental practice in Sandton, Johannesburg. Dr. Timcke and his team have been offering high-quality dental care for more than 30 years.

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Dr. Timcke relies on the skills of his highly trained team, which includes hygeniests, a practice manager and a receptionist.
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Heart disease

The bacteria lurking in your mouth don't just cause tooth decay and bad breath. They also speed up the rate at which plaques develop in arteries,making you more susceptible to heart disease. More oral hygiene, the healthier your heart!

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The unprecedented epidemic in South Africa and the world regarding the Covid-19 virus affects us all. Please be assured that we will continue to keep our dental practice clean and safe for both you and our team.

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Our practice is managed on an immediate payment programme. Patients are kindly requested to settle their accounts on the day of treatment. A detailed statement will be provided for you to claim your expenses from your Medical Aid. Thank you.
Dr. Peter H. Timcke is a member of The South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
Dr. Timcke is a member of SAAAD
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