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Conveniently located just off Grayston Drive in the heart of Sandton, the my-dentist.co.za team consists of eight team members. Dr. Peter H. Timcke, Margie, Nicky, Penny, Nonhla, Lerato, Samantha, Jess and Ovings have worked together as a team for many years, ensuring that the practice runs smoothly throughout the year.

The team prides itself on offering high-quality dentistry and personalised service that offers you peace of mind and the best dental techniques currently available.

Dr. Timcke
Practice manager
Dental assistant
Dental hygienist
Dental hygienist


We also have a cutting-edge physio team within our practice. Samantha and Jess provides comprehensive physiotherapy, with a special emphasis on head, neck and jaw pain. With more than 20 years of combined experience, they also work closely with some of SA's leading orthopaedic and neurological surgeons.

Samantha Timcke Physiotherapy

Latest testimonials

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone at Dr Timcke's rooms for making trips to the dentist such a happy outing!!

You guys are the best.

The Pontings


Rachel E

I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and Nikki for all your hard work this afternoon and for being so gentle, patient and kind and for my amazing new teeth! I haven't stopped smiling and taking photos since I got back from your surgery. I have sent my photos to a lot of my friends and family and I have even suggested meetings with people next week for the sole purpose of showing off my new teeth! The pain really isn't that bad a lot of it went away immediately when you fitted the temporary teeth and now that the anaesthetic has worn off, I can talk properly too (I can even pronounce the letter "s" perfectly!).

I'm so happy with the result - thank you thank you thank you! I have to take my youngest son to football tomorrow and for the first time ever, I feel like I can engage with the other mums and smile and not hold back on the side because I was afraid of smiling or showing them how bad my teeth were (which I used to do before). When I got home, my kids said that my teeth looked the same as before (which is exactly what I wanted) except they looked so much cleaner and better. I'm so happy!

Rachel K

We feel the same about Peter Timcke & Nikki & everyone else at the Timcke practice. It is always such a pleasure to go there and receive that special dose of Timcke professional treatment, happiness & upliftment there. You are all the best xxx

Leez G

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